What My 3 Year Old Eat In A Day

What My 3 Year Old Eat In A Day

Because I was already on my healthy journey before having my son, it was easier for me to start him off with healthy food. I thank God for this often. Knowing what I know now allow me to make conscious decisions for my family. Most importantly for my son because right now I'm responsible for him and his well being. 

Someone gifted me a baby bullet at my baby shower and I was so happy. I didn't give him solid food until he was about 13 months. I blended up some avocado and breast milk. Avocado is still his favorite fruit but there's a slight competition with mango. Nolan's palate has been on point since day one. 

Now that's he's 3 he is pretty demanding on what he wants for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. 


Nolan's favorite fruits:

Avocado. A healthy fat that is great for skin, an immune booster, and great for heart health.

Mango. An immune booster, repairs poor digestion, and a blood cleanser.

Dragon Fruit. An anti- inflammatory, great source of calcium, and aids in eye support.

His favorite vegetables/protein:

Carrots. Improves Kidney function, anti-cancer properties, great for eye health.

Kale. Great for detoxification, skin and vision, and high in fiber.

Spinach. Anti-inflammatory, increases circulation, helps fight infection.

Salmon. High in protein.

Portabella Mushrooms. Great meat substitute, low in carbs, and contains fiber.


Seeds & Nuts:

Chia Seeds. Increases energy and stamina, high in protein, promotes bone health.

Pistachios. High in fiber, high in antioxidants, and reduces cholesterol.

Cashews. Helps eliminates free radicals, helps develop bone and connective tissue.


Unsweetened Almond Milk.


Alkaline water infused with lemon and ginger.


Sometimes I allow him to have sweets but not often. A cookie or two here and there, dairy free ice cream by http://sodeliciousdairyfree.com/. He likes doughnut holes, and his all time favorite is mushroom pizza with no cheese and extra sauce from papa johns. 

I'm a true believer in what we consume daily affects our health, our minds, mood and behavior. Working in healthcare for 16 years and 10 of those years in pharmacy I've seen a lot. As my mindset changes and my knowledge increases I hope to help change the lives of those around me. Take care of yourself and those you're responsible for! 


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