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This summer we're serving up cold pressed juice! Super hydrating, naturally sweet and tasty!

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  • Loaded Avocado Toast

    is buttery, creamy and slightly nutty. Pleasantly and comfortably warm organic whole grain bread topped with ripe avocado, thinly sliced tomatoes, your choice of regular feta or dairy free feta, Pink Himalayan salt and our very own Organic Spiced Up Garlic Pepper Blend.

  • Herb Pizza Blend

    is a mixture of onion, garlic, oregano, and other Italian spices makes this delicious and traditional seasoning perfect for homemade pizza, tomato sauce, and breads. Sprinkle it on your pasta dishes to enhance the flavor and for a dash of color!

    Available here 
  • Hibiscus Paradise Herbal Tea

    has high Vitamin C content. While blended with the citrus flavors of orange and lemon, together all of these herbs and spices produce a deliciously refreshing citrus herbal tea. It can be tasty served both hot or as the perfect summer iced or sun tea. Caffeine-Free. 100 % Organic ingredients packed into a 4 oz. zip kraft bag.

    Available here 
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