Wellness Affirmations for Every Day

Wellness Affirmations for Every Day

What is an affirmation?af·firm·a·tion/ˌafərˈmāSH(ə)n/noun: affirmation; plural noun: affirmationsthe action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.

Affirmations can be life changing if you're consistent, if you actually believe them, and if you do the work to for them to come into fruition. I apply affirmations to all areas of my life.

If you're on a journey to make better food choices screenshot these affirmations:1. I choose health and wellness over restrictive diets and unpleasant exercises.2. Every cell in my body vibrates good health.3. I choose foods that nourish and heal my body.4.I am fortunate that I can choose heathy foods for my family.5. I am learning new things that heal my body one step at a time.6. My body heals and strengthens with every bite I take.7. I love and respect my body.8. Everyday I become stronger and healthier.9. I no longer crave foods that does not nourish me. 10. My kitchen is my nourishment center.11. I am grateful to choose food that supports my best health.12. I am worth the time and money I invest in my health. I hope these affirmations help you on your  journey to health and wellness!

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