Trying to Find My Words...

Trying to Find My Words...

Over the last week or so I've been trying to find MY words. Not the words from the media, not the words from my peers, not the words from anyone else but MY words. As much as I've tried to remain positive in 2020 right now it's extremely hard. I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm hurt, and I'm concerned. Somehow I'm still somewhat hopeful. Each and everyday I pray for the safety and protection for us. US a community, US as culture.

I'm on a social media break because with everyone feeling so many emotions it has become overwhelming and toxic. It's not the time for us to be judgemental and who's not posting their emotions. More than ever we need to be respectful of each others choices and respectful of how others are dealing with this.

Racism is real, it's a disease. It's still difficult for me to accept the fact that we don't know our power but everyone else does. WE, OUR ancestors built this country. WE have STRENGTH, POWER, CREATIVITY and MAGIC running through our veins. When will we recognize this?

I've been asking myself what can I do to make a difference. I've asked myself this over and over and over. Yes, I know I can vote, I can shop black consistently without asking for a discount, I can educate myself, I can educate others. But what else? I still don't have an answer, however I'll continue to ask myself this question until I find one.

I will commit to shop black weekly, because where we spend our dollars matter. I will commit to educate myself by reading Powernomics and Mansa Musa. I will commit to take advantage of my voting rights within the companies I have ownership in to make difference for us. I will commit to vote during the elections. I will continue to love and embrace my blackness and encourage my son to do the same.

In my opinion, what matters most is what's done behind the scenes, when the curtains are closed, when no one is watching so please don't be pressed to share everything you're doing to make a difference.

I love you, I love US.

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