Thank You 2018!

Thank You 2018!

Thank You 2018!

Wow, I can't believe it's December. Is it me or are the years flying by? It's been a year of continuous growth and fulfillment. I'm thankful I've been able to share my blog, website,and recipes with you. I still can't believe I completed my first cookbook and shipped all over Atlanta, Florida, Washington and Hawaii! And my story graced the home page on Kaiser Permanente's intranet. Wow!

It takes courage to pursue your dreams so don't doubt for one second you shouldn't be proud of whatever you're pursuing. And if you haven't stepped out of your comfort zone, DO IT! It won't be easy, you'll feel uninspired some days, you'll want to quit but remember why you started.

Don't chase the money,chase the vision and let passion drive you! If you stepped out of of your comfort zone this year please tell me how in  the comments.


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I have in some areas, but now I want to step out in one new obstacle. Reading this makes me up to the challenge.

Channiel Middleton

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