Raising Black Boys in America

Raising Black Boys in America

Today, as I observed my almost three year old son playing and laughing. I couldn't help but think about his innocence and his existence. I often ask myself how am I going to explain how cruel this world is or should I explain it at all?

I want him to be fully aware but not afraid.  Not afraid or intimidated by anyone or anything. I pray for his safety, his health and many other things but at the same time I'm human and some days I'm fearful of his future. Maybe I'm not fearful of his future but fearful of what I might do to someone for hurting him. Being Black, you don't have to do anything to be abused and/or shot and killed. It's happening just for being black with absolutely no justice. Think... Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, to name a few.

My husband and I created an affirmation book for African American boys, I AM... Affirmations & Declarations for a King. This book was created to encourage and boost the confidence of our boys. Order your copy here https://mastering-motherhood.com/products/childrens-book-i-am-affirmations-declarations-for-a-king

I read an article and came across this statement, "To be a black parent in America is to be in a state of constant vigilance. All parents know this caution to some degree. Black parents, on top of that, have to worry about shielding their children, and healing them from anti-black racism." -Unknown



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