My Kaiser Permanente Feature

My Kaiser Permanente Feature

Mid July, my healthy eating journey graced the homepage on Kaiser Permanente's intranet, From 30-Day Challenges to Better Health. 

Oh I thankful I am! My feature shared how I challenged myself to cut out sodas and juice for 30 days but reached 60 days. Then the change became permanent. I managed to try several challenges which became a lifestyle and I'm thankful to share my journey with an organization that promotes and encourages a healthy lifestyle. 

Since my feature,  I received many phone calls, emails and instant messages from people seeking change in their eating habits. I was also asked if I was ok with my story being presented nationally! My response was "Of Course!" And today I shipped book orders because of the feature. (If you haven't read my previous blog post, How I Profit From My 9-5 then you are behind).

I just want to encourage others to live their best lives. Use your gift to push others to thrive! And everything else will fall into place. New doors are opening as I step outside of my comfort zone my only hope is that God prepares me for what's next! 


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