Killing Us Slowly

Killing Us Slowly

I've been so disturbed logging onto social media and seeing this person was diagnosed with cancer, high cholesterol, someone had a stroke at the age of 28. I really have to log off and reset for days at a time. The foods and products that are in the average household are very toxic and killing us. We have to become more knowledgeable about these things.

One deadly product that is in our daily uses is Glyphosate. It is an herbicide and is widely used in the US. It's in our food, vaccinations, feminine products, pharmaceutical drugs, etc.

I found this great website (full link provided below) that has a lengthy blog post about this product. It's very detailed and they are sharing things that will never be on the news. 

"Glyphosate got into the animal feed supply and into food in the late 1990's...(same time as autism spike) the weedkiller is destroying the gut bacteria, and it's breaking down the blood brain barrier. Both of those cause mental, behavioral disorders, ticking, stammering...autism symptoms, and our children are being damaged and some of them are being permanently damaged. Enough is enough. This has to stop." 

This paragraph had me so upset. If we don't educate ourselves and our communities and make better choices we will continue to lose love ones to illnesses that they tell us are hereditary.  We have to do better as a community! 



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