How To Get Over The Hump

How To Get Over The Hump

Today, I felt a great deal of sadness as I kissed my husband and son before leaving for work. Not everyday is easy jumping out of bed at 5 am to get to my job. But hey we do what we have to do! Plus it's not a forever situation so I'll live.

As I walked to my car I had to give myself a pep talk, "Veronica this is not long term. This is what you have to do for now to get where you want to be. Embrace it, thank God you have job." I took a deep breath, hopped in my car, turned on Deepak Chopra, listened to an abundance meditation and pulled myself together.

It's necessary to check yourself sometimes. Some days are challenging but it's those challenging days that allow me to grow and push myself. Here are three ways/reasons to get over the hump:

  • Think about the end goal. Whatever you're doing you're doing it for a reason. Just embrace it and keep pushing.
  • Who are you doing it for? It could be for you, your family, a friend, etc. Sometimes that's reason enough to stay focused.
  • Have some me time. Treat yourself to your favorite latte and gather your thoughts. Take a solo walk in the park. Go to lunch, whatever you need to do to pull yourself together do it.


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