How I Survived a 40 Day Sugar Fast!

How I Survived a 40 Day Sugar Fast!

Let me take a moment to re-introduce myself...My name V-E-R-O-N-I-C-A! (in my favorite rappers voice, JAY Z!) 

I hope you can feel my level of excitement, my level of joy and my level of happiness. First off I eat my fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. I take my probiotic shots, I workout, I drink my herbal tea and drink a ton of water EVERY DAY.

However, I love cookies. You know soft, chewy, melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies. I will eat them everyday out of habit. How do I know it's out of habit? Well I can have a busy day and not think about cookies then there's a thought, "Oh I haven't had a cookie today, let me go buy some." That's habit. A bad habit. 

We all know that sugar is more harmful than some drugs. It gives your brain a surge of a feel good chemical called dopamine. (WebMD). And we know the more we eat the more we crave. 

I always pray for discipline in all areas of my life, especially my eating and spending habits. So I figured, well if I take my lunch to work I won't be tempted to buy cookies in a drive thru. Win Win, right? 

I don't buy cookies/sweets to store at my home, I normally buy like a 6 pack of cookies to eat then once I'm done I'm done. Most articles I read to prepare for this said to trash all the sweets in your home, blah blah blah. That did not apply to me. 

I decided to do a 40 day sugar fast mid December. I slowly stopped getting my sugar fix about 7 days before January 1st, which was my start date. I established what sugars I wanted to fast from because sugar comes in many forms. There are natural sugars and added sugars. I decided to go with no added sugar, the sugar found in (but not limited to) cookies, candies, sodas, cereals and/or processed foods.

I ordered this book The 40 Day Sugar Fast. I couldn't get into the book for some reason so I took it as it wasn't for me. I gave it away and still pushed through the fast.

Again, my fast consisted of no cookies, candy, cake or cocktails. I'm not a soda drinker and I don't buy cereal. So let's dive into this fast!

Week 1-2:

My mind was made up. I was almost sure I would conquer this 40 day fast but there was still some doubt. I suffered from terrible headaches and nausea. Normal, according to the articles I read. 

I drank water with a capful of BRAGGS apple cider vinegar daily to minimize the cravings. I increased my dark greens vegetables and protein. I also kept regular strength Tylenol close by. The headaches were serious.

Week 3:

I continued my water with the apple cider vinegar. I added lemons some days. I allowed myself one cheat day (not the whole day, just at the event) because I had friends over for a vision board party. I honestly thought this would be the end of my fast and I thought I would have to start over. I had a few glasses of wine which I really enjoyed and one chocolate covered strawberry! I didn't touch those cookies and that one strawberry was enough. 

I was so proud of myself. I gave myself permission to enjoy that evening with my girlfriends and eat whatever I wanted but I didn't go overboard. So I didn't count this day. I added an extra day at end to make up for my glasses of wine and the one chocolate covered strawberry I ate. 

Week 4-5: 

I had a couple instances I craved sweets but I didn't give in. My mom made an apple pie, hot and bubbly topped with cinnamon. But I didn't cave! I simply said, no thanks and ran out of her house before I changed my mind. Lol

At this point I was ok with having cookies at the house without touching them. They were for my sons school snack. I even passed on some Krispy Kreme donuts. Even I can't believe that! 

Here I am! Officially 40 days! My skin is more clear, my stomach is flat and I see a little ab action poppin out! FINALLY!! And I've dropped 6 pounds. I don't feel the need to have a cocktail and/or dessert when I go out. I feel like I've conquered a new level of discipline and I'm proud! 

Now the goal is to keep this going, I'm hoping I will stay the course and not load my body back up with toxic sugars. This wasn't easy but I did it. I'll think twice before grabbing a pack of cookies. I'll refrain from ordering a Lemon Drop at the restaurant, I'll order a shot instead (just being honest). 

If you try a sugar fast go in with the end in mind! You too can do this!! Let me know if you plan on doing it or if you've done one previously!


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