How I Bossed Up in 2019!

How I Bossed Up in 2019!

Here we are in 2020! Time flies right, I can't believe it's almost March. As we can clearly see, time waits for no-one. Whatever you plan on doing, just do it. Those fitness goal. DO IT. Starting that business. DO IT. Preparing for a promotion. DO IT. Book that trip. DO IT. Whatever it is. DO IT.  

I'm a huge goal digger. I'm that person once I decide to pursue something I do it. I've always been this way. In 2018 I told myself I'm going hard on all my goals in 2019, I told y'all in a previous blog post the bag I'm securing has more than money in it. I meant that! I want to share  how I bossed myself up in 2019. It's only up from here! (Please note this is for motivational purposes ONLY.)


1. I met my goal weight. Finally! I've been in the gym consistently for two and half years now. I was on a journey to gain 10-12 pounds. I know y'all are thinking it's easy to gain weight, just eat! Not the case at all. My goal was to gain muscle not fat. And it's difficult to do and extremely difficult to gain in the right places. To gain healthy weight you have to eat regularly (5-6 times a day), eat lots of protein and good carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice, fruit, etc)and lift heavy weights. Also being mindful of portion control. It was rough but I did it. Now I'm on a mission to work for a 6 pack! 

2. I expanded my investment portfolio. I've been investing consistently for my son and I sort of put myself and earning potential aside. I set a goal to finally open a brokerage account for myself and started buying dividend paying stock. My main focus was giving my son a head start financially. However my dreams and goals of getting paid $10- $20,000 from dividends monthly matters too. I realized I can invest for both of us simultaneously. And if I don't start as soon as possible I'm limiting my future earning potential. 

3. I saved more money than I ever have. I've always struggled with saving until I changed my mindset, mastered paying myself first, and learned the importance of sacrifice and discipline. In just one year my finances changed tremendously. I pay myself first, my bills second and do what I want within reason with what is left. 

4.I increased my credit score by 100+ points. Whew chile, I never really cared about credit until about 15 months ago. Shame on me! I applied for something and wasn't approved. I took it personal, had an emotional break down and everything. I pulled myself together and had an honest look at my finances and credit report.  I had money saved but my credit cards balances were high, my student loans were late, and I had a couple of old bills I needed to pay. Let me be clear I never paid any bills late except for my student loans. I just didn't care about them I don't know why. I just didn't. Everything else was paid on time. I even paid over on my car note every month. I started reading every article I could find about credit repair. I called a couple of friends who had outstanding credit. I probably drove them crazy. My wealth building coach said, "Don't be a hypocrite, if you owe someone (including bill collectors) pay them the same way you'd want someone to pay you!" That stuck with me. It actually changed my perspective on paying my bills. I no longer complain when I pay bills, it's such a blessing to be able to do so. 

I came up with a plan and it worked. My plan was to transfer money from my savings to pay off my credit cards and get my student loans up to date. It was so dumb to have all this money in savings but have high balances and past due student loans. This is why mindset is everything! I told myself as long as I have funds I would only use my cards for gas. That's it. Once I paid those cards off and paid the past due balances on my student loans my score increased tremendously and fast! I was super motivated. 

By mid 2019 I had mastered saving, investing in the stock market for my son, and reducing my debt. It felt good and I was very proud of myself.

5. My first international trip. By September I was ready mentally and financially to take my first international trip. Guilt free. All the sacrifice and discipline I mastered had me on a natural high. I was excited to enjoy my trip outside of the US using no credit cards. 

6. Closed on my house by my damn self. December 2019 I closed on my first home. Funny because I never wanted a house. As a new certified landlord, I was looking for a multi unit property. I was ready to pursue my dream of real estate investor. Ha! The universe had other plans for me and that's okay because I'm truly happy with my beautiful home. I find so much gratitude in changing the plan but not the goal. There are many programs out there to assist with the down payment and closing cost when purchasing a home. In my case I had to cut the check for closing cost and because of my mindset shift, sacrifice and discipline I was prepared. I didn't complain, I didn't think twice because I was closing a deal with the fruits of my labor. And to this day I'm very thankful I was prepared. 

7. Pulled through (mentally & emotionally) a life changing event. Life happens. Things change. People change. If we're lucky we evolve and move forward. I can honestly say I'm grateful for every unexpected twist and turn in life it reminds me of who to trust and turn to in happiness and in sorrow. I believe that nothing happens to me but things happen for me. I always tell people gratitude and perspective is my lifestyle. I truly live this.


I hope someone finds motivation in my truth, 2019 was resetting. I felt vulnerable and powerful at the same time. I'm still in shock at how much can change in a year. Life is good. 

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Veronica !! I absolutely love this read ! I myself had a tough 2019 , being laid-off from Kaiser which affected school goals, financial goals and my livelihood as a whole. At one point I was thinking “why me? Why did I have to lose my job?” and at another point “maybe this is supposed to happen in my life to shift me towards my purpose”. I haven’t fingered it out yet but MINDSET is key ! I’m currently working on changing my perspective on everything going on in life & am so happy I read this today ! I’m so proud of you girl ! We need to catch up !

Erica Harvis

This is such a boss mood sunny. You’ve always been a go getter. This definitely motivated me!!!!

Rochellie Johnson

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