Holistic Health is Essential

Holistic Health is Essential

Happy New Year! I can honestly say I'm happy 2022 is over. The last few months almost took me out. Literally. I will say, sitting down with my thoughts and feelings and actually processing them has been no easy task. I pride myself on handling uncomfortable situations well but this time is different.

Depression is real. Internalizing other people's ungratefulness, decisions and behaviors is real. Being present with emotions is real. This my friends is why Holistic Health is Essential.

Holistic Health is treating both mind and body. When it comes to the mind it's what we watch, what we listen to, who we're around. And when it comes to the body it's what we eat, how active or inactive we are, and the products we use. Overall, Holistic Health is mind and body unified. 

(You can see previous blog post about food and the body but this one specifically is about the mind.) Going through life changing situations can really play on your mental. Feelings of sadness, anger, overwhelm, loneliness, confusion or depression does not mean we're weak or not mentally healthy. These are normal emotions, that come after or during a heartbreak, abandonment, betrayal, grief or other life changing situations. 

The important thing is to allow yourself to feel these emotions to start the healing process. This culture has attached so much negativity in vulnerability.  When there is really so much inner strength in this space. Inner strength is being able recognize, seek and accept help so we can restore harmony within, mentally and emotionally.

One thing I'm learning while being in this healing space is I'm tapping into my higher self. As I feel and release my emotions by being vulnerable, writing, meditating and allowing my friends to be here for me I'm getting closer to the next level of a better me. It doesn't always feel like there is light at the end of my tunnel but right now I'm hopeful and calling in or manifesting divine healing,  grace, mental peace and more self love.

I wish the culture would cancel defense mechanisms, not only is it unhealthy, it's damaging to the people using it to distort the perception and awareness of reality.  At some point we have to sit with our true selves. Avoiding the childhood trauma and pain and hurt is just a continuance of generation after generation of people being hurt, manipulated and traumatized. When will it end? 

As a black woman, a mother, a friend, a daughter, sister, aunt and cousin I pray endlessly for my bloodline and pray that every ounce of healing that I experience is shared amongst those close to me and those I love from afar. 

"Don't just take care of the physical the mind needs the love and attention too. " -Veronica Gant



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Hit home for me, healing is definitely what I’m all about this yr. Love your transparency and a great read! ❤️


This was a great read and well needed. Thank you Sunny


I loved this blog entry! Thank you for being vulnerable with your audience. Some of us are in the same space as you & it helps to know that we aren’t alone!

Ebony T.

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