Choosing My Values Over a Paycheck...

Choosing My Values Over a Paycheck...


"Girl why aren't you worried?" is the question my colleagues ask me daily as we discuss the latest workplace drama.  More than 80% of Americans are stressed about their jobs, whether it's the workload, the pay, or the fear of becoming unemployed. 

I use to be apart of the always worried, always stressed club. Until I learned there is so much truth in the saying, "You can't worry about the things you can't control." It took a lot of growing pains for me to understand this. 

I'm a firm believer that you create your reality. When you expect trauma, disappoints, and lack that's what you invite or attract into your life. When blessings, abundance and healthy relationships are expected that's what you receive. All while being and living what you want to attract. 

So, this mindset shift is why I'm not worried about what's to come in the workplace. Since evolving into this mindset I've created a lifestyle around how I want to live. And that's WORRY FREE! A huge part of my worry free lifestyle is not being in a situation where I have to choose a job over my values. I know you're like what do you mean? 

My job has a list of new requirements and a few of them I don't agree with. So I'm choosing my values over a paycheck. Period. It's not up for discussion, I don't need to think about. However, I will check and see what my options are but my vales will not be compromised. And trust me, there are always options. Always.

I know you're wondering how can I do this having a child and other responsibilities. Let me say this, since changing my mindset around money I vowed to never put myself in a position to stay at a job just to pay bills. (See previous blog post about my money habits).

In addition to my mindset shift here's what I've done to ensure my values aren't overridden by a paycheck. GOALS + FEW FINANACIAL OBLIGATIONS= FREEDOM

- Everyday I choose me. I'm clear on the goals I've set for myself and actively work on achieving them.

- I save consistently and live below my means. 

- I intentionally paid my car off early and keep up routine maintenance to protect my investment. 

- Upon moving into my house I paid cash for all my furniture, washer and dryer etc. (see previous blog post for details)

-  I don't charge more than 6- 10% on my credit cards and pay my balances off monthly.

- When problems happened at my house I was financially fit to pay for them in full instead of financing. 

- Developed a no payment plan mindset. This is my motivation to having very little financial obligations.

So while everyone around me is stressing and picking a paycheck over their values and rights, my affirmations and actions are in alignment with my mindset. I have put myself in a position where my financial obligations aren’t requiring me to sacrifice my values for a check. I’m not saying I have racks on racks on racks (yet). I’m simply saying because of my habits around money I don’t have to sacrifice my values.

I'm confident in the decisions I make for myself. And most importantly I trust that I'm always exactly where I need to be. When the assignment assigned to me is done I believe the universe will find a way to push me into the next phase of my life. So if it's time to's time to move. Either way I'm not stressing because my discipline has allowed me to be prepared. Preparation reduces anxiety. So this, all of this is why I'm not worried. I'm not rich (yet), I don't rely on a man to take of me, I'm simply a woman staying true to myself and I refuse to lose myself or my values over a paycheck. At the end of the day I trust that God is my provider. 

*It has taken me a long time, several mishaps, a lot of reading and a mindset shift to get to this point. I know we're all on a different journey, but I hope in whatever you face you honor self respect and values. It's worth it. I hope this blog post gives perspective on a mindset shift and financial wellness. Don't forget to comment & share! 


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Great post Veronica ☺️

T. Gibson

I am so proud of the WOMAN you have grown into. Once you have this mindset; you will ALWAYS live a stress-free life.


This is a conversation needs to be heard daily. Many people are always picking a job over there values. Great detailed blog I love it


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