Coping During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Coping During the Covid-19 Pandemic

We're all aware of covid-19 at this point. It's all over the media, daily conversations, it's also taking over my text message thread. It's exhausting, it's stressful and scary af. I am one of those essential workers and on the front line at a medical facility. As soon as I walk in the door I feel an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Once I sit down to start my work day I'm bombarded with emails about covid-19. 

I get it, my employer is keeping us updated on the latest news and protocols. It's only right they do this. But it's not easy. I am truly thankful to still have a job to go to. I'm very thankful they are providing us with some protective gear. However, I can't pretend there isn't any fear of being exposed.

I'm taking this stay home order very seriously. I only leave for work and to go to the grocery store. Since the corona virus is a respiratory virus I'm focusing more on my respiratory health, especially having asthma. I'm continuing to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, I make fresh lemon and ginger tea every morning. I'm using eucalyptus essential oil (until I get my hands on fresh eucalyptus leaves) drops in my shower. The oil plus the steam from the shower helps stimulate deep breathing and acts as an anti-inflammatory. I'm also taking my probiotic shots every couple days.

I also find gratitude daily in the midst of this pandemic. I'm grateful for the health of myself and others, I'm grateful I've been protected thus far, I find gratitude in spending more quality time with my son. I find gratitude in having people in my life who check on me often. I find the most gratitude in being alive and coping through this pandemic every single day. It's not easy but I believe this too shall pass.

I hope you're coping and finding gratitude as well. Sending love and light your way. Please share how you're during through pandemic.

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