Closing The Gaps

Closing The Gaps

Its been a minute but I want to share my success and my adjustments with trying to close the wealth gap. If you read my blog post from February of this year, "How I Bossed Up in 2019!" you'll know that I exceeded a few of my financial goals. I was super proud accomplishing these things solo with my income. Being from the projects and seeing only one of my family members work smart and build wealth I appreciate my discipline and sacrifice.

Many of us have been around struggle so long it appears to be normal. It's not. I'm sure struggle is due to lack of income and knowledge in the black community. But for me and mine I'm closing the gap.

This year has been an adjustment as Nolan and I have settled into our home. Truthfully, thinking about being responsible for anything that could happen scares the heck out of me. And this is why it's so important to save (and have a home warranty). Last year I learned cushion gives you more confidence. Seeing my money grow, knowing I could buy myself whatever I wanted within reason felt damn good. It was so many things I thought I wanted when I didn't have the funds. Then when I could afford it I suddenly didn't want it at all. Interesting right? I'm learning to normalize luxury in my life, whatever luxury is for me. 

I thank God daily for blessing me with the mindset shift, discipline, sacrifice and the will to take daily actions to give us a better life. I thank God daily for being my provider. And to this day I pray for the knowledge of finances, without the knowledge I wouldn't have anything and I wouldn't be able to keep anything. 

My financial goal for 2020 is to pay off my car early, I'm literally two payments from owning my car. Once the car payment is eliminated I'll begin deposited that money into my Roth IRA.  I'll continue to purchase dividend paying stock. And preparing to purchase rental properties. I hope no one is taking this as bragging, I want you to know if I can do it you can too. I was the chic living pay check to pay check, 500 credit score, and a big spender.  But without these experiences I wouldn't appreciate my growth the way I do. 

My goal is to give my son as much privilege as possible while simultaneously educating him on the things I didn't learn until I became an adult. I read books, I read articles, I prayed very specific prayers, prayed some more and did the work. I'm closing the gaps, mentally and financially. I'm very proud to do this for myself and my son. I hope this post encourages you to find ways to close the gap, in whatever ways work for you.

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Thanks for sharing your story and success Veronica. I adore the cover of your new cook and look forward to supporting your latest product. Wishing you all the best!


You’re such an Boss Goal! Watching you manifest and receive your blessing is nothing but amazing.

Rochellie Johnson

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