Bag Secured

Bag Secured

It's the end of 2018! And its seems like everybody is trying to secure a bag. Well so am I!

The only difference is, the bag I'm trying to secure has more than money in it! The bag I'm securing is in the process of being filled with LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS, GRATITUDE, GIVING & MONEY.

LOVE. I'm making sure I express more love in 2019. I want to make my love for others very clear. I don't care if it's something as simple as grabbing lunch with a friend and letting her/him know that I love them and appreciate them. 

PEACE.  I'm making more peace with my past. All of things I've allowed to distract me I'm leaving right here in 2018. I beat myself up a week ago because I didn't have a clear understanding of a situation. I finally came to the conclusion that maybe it's not meant for me to understand. So I released it and I let it go. I don't want to stress about the what if's or the why's. I prayed about it and now I'm moving forward.

HAPPINESS. I want to find more happiness in small things and small moments.

GRATITUDE. Y'all know gratitude is my thing! (Hint:The Gratitude Journal for Moms). If I don't do nothing else in a day. I express gratitude. FAITHFULLY. My goal is to show more gratitude to others. I'm making a conscious decision to let people know I appreciate them and their efforts in whatever they're doing with me and for me.

GIVING. I've become an avid giver. That's one trait I've picked up from my mom. I'm not the seasonal giver but more of a random giver. I've been studying the Eight Degrees of Giving since reading Jay Z's book Decoded. (side note Jay Z is my all time favorite entertainer and businessman). My top giving goal is to volunteer and give to a charity I believe in and give a small scholarship to a student pursuing the arts. 

MONEY. As I type this I think about Cardi B's MONEY track. (don't judge me). I can definitely relate to the line, "I GOT A BABY I NEED SOME MONEY." Lol. That's exactly how I feel. I have a son depending on me so I have to make things happen. Not only that, people are so sensitive when it comes to discussing having money but no one wants to be bothered when you're broke. My motto is, "Money gives you options. I need and want options!" In my money bag, I'm trying to secure savings for my son, ownership in companies we spend money with often, investment properties, so on and so on. The last quarter of 2018 I began studying these things and I'm excited about 2019 and my secured bag! 


What are you trying to secure and why? Let me know in the comments.


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I’m securing my Happiness, my wants, my needs! I wanna secure a life of pure happiness before i leave this earth. With my true friends and family. I don’t wanna live a life of regret. So I’m securing ME!!


I’m securing my peace ,My brand, sanity , love and longevity. So proud of you Sunny. Love you always

Rochellie Johnson

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