3 Easy Ways I Save $$$ for my Son

3 Easy Ways I Save $$$ for my Son

I use to think saving was hard until I mastered paying myself FIRST. Since then its been a breeze. Well when I found out I was pregnant I was like I really have to get my money in order. I can't be out here with $0 dollars and $0 cents ( a little exaggeration here) with a little person depending on me to take care of him. Y'all know kids always need something in addition to food and shelter.

An older lady whom I like to call a friend of mine told me to open an account for my baby for his first birthday. I took that and ran with it an opened an account for him while I was pregnant. I contributed $20-25 monthly and increased it based on my income. This is an achievable goal, right? Any monetary gifts he receive goes directly to his savings. All the I AM books we sell the funds are direct deposited into his account. 

She shared how she was paying her daughter's tuition with the money she's been saving since her first birthday. #GOALS  Must be nice to not be swimming in student loan debt. She also bought her a car with those savings her second year of college.

1. He gets paid when I get paid.

I added his account on my direct deposit for my 9-5 job. So I don't worry about transferring funds between accounts, I don't have to do anything but go to work. He now gets 5% off top. When I get a raise he gets a raise. That's not a lot but it adds up (and it's better than nothing) and I see his interests monthly which is more motivation! You never know what might happen, unexpected dental services, sports interest, emergency surgery, etc so it's better to be prepared. Or just letting those funds increase. I personally recommend Capitol One 360 kids savings. Here's a link to get your kid(s) savings account started. Tell Capital One 360 I sent you!


2. I sell his gently used shoes on PoshMark.

Kids grow so fast! We buy something then all of sudden they sprout like a pumpkin. He rarely ruins shoes so I sell them on poshmark at 1/2 of the price I paid for them. some negotiation here and there. When the funds are released I deposit them into his savings. Easy right? 


3. I save all my loose change.

I keep a small mason jar in my car.  If I use cash at a drive thru,  grocery store, gas station etc any left over loose change goes in the jar. Once the jar is full I empty it in his bank at home. One his bank is full I roll the change in change rollers ( yes old school change rollers) and deposit it into his bank account. The cool thing is Nolan help me sort the pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters. Not only is he learning how to count change but when he finds change out in public he'll pick it up and put it in his bank. I guarantee you this will make a difference in their saving techniques when they're older.


Saving is easier than you think! And it's better to have it than not have it if and when they need it. You can use this account as a college fund or business start up fund, car fund, move out fund. Whatever your/their goals are! Happy Saving! 

If you're already saving for your little one(s) tell us how you do in the comments! Thanks for reading and sharing!


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